Speaker enclosures:  Grund, Mackie, Turbo Sound, Adamson. Stack and fly systems. DSI dual 18" sub encl.

Lake Processing. 

Monitors: Adamson bi-amped wedges, Mackie HD active bi-amped wedges. HD active subs.

Side fill, Center fill, Out fill, Drum fill: Adamson, Turbo Sound

In ear systems: Sennheiser G3 systems

Power amplifiers: Crest and QSC

Digital consoles:  Midas, Behringer.

Digital and analog audio snakes.

Microphones: Shure, Beyerdynamic, Sennheiser, Audio Technica, Audix and Countryman. Lavalier, Podium,Headsets and wireless hand sets.


A small audience of 20 to a large audience of 10,000, we put the right system together to fit

                                                     YOUR EVENT  perfectly.

We are updating inventory consistently. If you do not see what you need or require for your event on the list above, I can provide it through our many resources.